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Workshops Catalog


EMPOWERING SELF-LEADERSHIP: the purpose of this course is to offer a path of personal development that increases the resources and opportunities in order to support younger workers in the construction of a professional identity

GENERATIVE MANAGEMENT: This course seeks to contribute to the creation of a new management, able to work on the development of self-empowerment and a work environment where there is opportunity for everybody to express themselves, working effectively to reach results

GENERATIVE WORK-TEAM: The goal of this course is to implement the ability of effectively managing the working group developing flexibility and assertiveness as key features for a group capable of enhancing the individual contributions of its members

COMMUNICATION: The purpose of this course is to provide participants with basic communication skills to make them able to identify and use a communication strategy that is both successful and at the same time close to their skills and abilities

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: the objectives of the workshop are to acquire the ability to manage interpersonal relationships, to understand where conflict  originates from and what relationships are involved in conflicts

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: the aim of this event is to reflect and capture a greater awareness of the situation of transition we live in and gathering ideas and tools to overcome this difficult phase, dealing with the challenges, but seizing the opportunities

TIME MANAGEMENT:  the goals are to identify what, in our habits, prevents us from changing the way we manage and to organize our time and acquire some tools that can guide and support time management

MEETING MANAGEMENT: the aim is to learn a methodology that allows us to exploit this tool in order to use its full potential and improve its effectiveness

MOTIVATION AND WELL-BEING: the goals of this course are to understand the motivational system and its operation; to learn to recognize our own motives, identifying strategies to support and strengthen them

DISTRESS PREVENTION AND WELL-BEING PROMOTION:  the course aims to stimulate participants in a re-reading of the relational dynamics of work organization measures in order to identify the characteristics of the various forms of discomfort

BASIC WORK SKILLS®: this course aims to support young workers in the path of constructing a professional identity by providing the basic job skills necessary to understand the organizational context